Economic stimulation package

So here is our distribution to push German economy to the next peak: you get everyone of our products for 25 cents less if you send to us a photo of a destroyed product you bought from us before (sorry this special offer is only valid for orders in Germany). Because Obama's motto is our motto : don't ask what you can do for your the customer – ask what your customer can do for you.

First we take Berlin – then we take Manhattan

Proudly we want to refer to the exhibition "Destination: Berlin." The MoMA Store of the world famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, US, will present 80 products of 20 designers and artists from Berlin, Germany. One of these products will be the cardboards of faltplatte.

Even the Burgermeister of Berlin, Wowi, will be there on the opening on May 17th (as if he couldn't get our prducts much cheaper in his hometown).



Betontapete: It comes drauf at which one draus makes.

This is the slogan for the newest product of folding advice chairman Cord Woywodt and his partner, the designer Ulrich Krampe. We talk about betontapete which means something like "concrete wallpaper". This is a new wallpaper collection which looks deceptively genuine like real concrete but brings all the advantages of a wallpaper. Different wallpaper samples are available under .

Architecture that forgets its history, disappears from the map “. (A. toynbee)

faltplatte presents: Bauhaus Dessau

In the year 1926 under the line of famous architect Walter Gropius for the first time concepts were developed, owing to the progress in the industrialization, to make inexpensive and nevertheless high-quality products available to the masses. The center of this industrial architecture Design was the Bauhaus Dessau. This is now also available as cardboard model on a scale 1:400 at faltplatte.To the day of the German unit 02 we presented the edition faltplatte - and to 17 June 03 we developed the block C south of the former Stalinallee in co-operation with the Karl Marx bookshop!

The edition faltplatte covers two cardboard model elbows from the housing development program of the GDR, provided with dearful details: Series of housing construction WBS 70/11 and pair of high-rise residential buildings WHH GT 18/21 and since January 2003 the Palast der Republik. Further models are to follow.

Series of housing construction WBS 70/11 and pair of high-rise residential buildings WHH GT 18/21: Yardstick approximately M 1:400 Palast der Republik of (PdR): Yardstick approximately M 1:800

  • model construction height WBS 70/11 approx. 8 cm and WHH GT 18/21 approx. 16 cm
  • model construction mass PdR (l/b/h) approx. 22 cm/11 cm/4 cm
  • four-color pressure on white cardboard 190 gr/m2
  • 3. Edition WBS/WHH, 1.Auflage PdR
  • edition 1,000 pieces
  • cardboard format DIN A 4 handpacks
  • settled instruction for tinkering and background informations
  • simple in the pollution free PP pP-Flachbeutel
  • to build: For shears, ruler, adhesive

Parallel to it are sufficient a buildable postcard edition of smaller yardstick were presented.

Altogether in the GDR until 1990 approximately 2.35 million housing units in industrieller building method were established. Alone those 150 large housing estates with in each case over 2.500 incoming goods have today an existence of more than 1 million dwellings. Approximately 70 development areas have 5,000 and more, sieve even over 30.000 incoming goods.

A quarter of the total population lived 50% or about 700,000 inhabitants approximately up to the end of the GDR in disk's buildings, in the capital approx., on it in the large housing estates:

  • Marzahn 150,000 people in 59.000 flats,
  • Hellersdorf 105,000 people in 43.000 flats,
  • Hohenschönhausen 75,000 people in 37.000 flats.