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  • Approximately 1:800 scale
  • Model height ca. 45 cm
  • Four-color printing on white cardboard 190 gr/m2
  • 3 Model arches size Din A 4
  • Packed as environmentally friendly PP-flat bag
  • Contents German manual and background information
  • Easy to build: scissors, ruler, glue – that's it
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The Berlin television tower

In 1965 the preparatory works started in the about 250 hectare internal-urban area between king's gate and the Spree for a reconstruction. (S.635) after Henselmann idea of 1959 ... began the foundation works in August, 1965. With amazement and interest the Berliners saw this of an architect's group (G. Franconian, G. Kollmann, K. Timm among other things) explained miracles in the sky strive. (S.638 *)
*citation from Keiderling: Berlin in 1945-1986, Dietz publishing company of Berlin in 1987.

The formative solution developed for the television tower embodies the intention to give easy to remember landmark to the Berlin centre. (S.14 *)

How in the town planning planning the Alexanderplatz showed no island, but was looked as a part of the city centre, now the urban life also developed in bigger coherent areas. The city hall and Liebknechtstrasse with her store floors and the television tower, as well as the Karl's Marx avenue, the Hans's Beimler street and the Prenzlauer street are connected with the Alexander's place by her functions and the town planning creation. In this varied network of functions of the work, the living and recreation, linked with numerous social facilities as well as with the architectural and picture-artistic creation of the ensemble, new traits of the socialist town planning are already expressed. All together we can find out that with the reorganisation of the Alexander's place and his surroundings the pride of the citizens in our new city centre has grown.

Because the basic solution of a cylindrical concrete shaft was given which the architects could influence only partly in his silhouette, the creative creation work concentrated upon the tower head in which the essential social and technical functions of the building express themselves. The ball form found according to intensive model studies was recognised as a figure detectable with a look which leaves a remaining, always present impression with the viewer. To make the concentration of the functions evident and to reach a good formative contrast effect to the Betonschaft, everything ran out to give a brilliance caused with uniform means to the ball. Therefore, the outside cover was formed as only in the necessary circumference by window tapes discontinuous continuous metal skin. Split up by parallel circuits and meridian instruments in cassettes, she has received a Plastizität tying up the eye. (See 14 *) was finished as the ball, already began the construction work on the restaurant complex on the foot of the television tower. From all sides ways advance to this restaurant which rises as a steel skeleton construction with modern folding roofs. The Umbauung of the television tower became in 1969 to 1972 as a Flächentragwerk under the direction of W. Duke and H. Aust finished.
*citation from Brandenburg/Harnisch/Kubiziel: Fernsehturm Berlin, Verl. für Bauwesen Berlin, 1969